Hello Fellow Trojans!
Have you been wanting to be more involved in your MSW program? Are you a leader that wants to uphold a professional and academic reputation?  
We are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for the vacant positions for the Phi Alpha Honor Society Executive Board 2020-2021!
In order to apply for a position on the Phi Alpha Executive Board you will need to submit the following:
  • A personal statement (200 words or less)     
    • Your personal statement should discuss why you feel you are a good fit for the selected position(s), what are your plans for the honor society during the 2020 - 2021 academic year, and any other experience that makes you qualified for the selected position.

If you would like to be considered for two positions, please submit a personal statement for each position (must be within one document). The current executive board will decide which positions best fits the applicant and the needs of the board. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send an email to uscphialphahonorsociety@gmail.com

Good Luck and Fight On!

Please review the following Executive Board positions and their descriptions:

President (1 Position)

The President acts as the active representative and primary liaison of Phi Alpha Honor Society at the USC School of Social Work and outside community. The President will be responsible for conducting general membership and executive board meetings. This also entails that the President must draft agendas for all meetings to be held. It is the President’s duty to support executive board members and address any challenges that may arise, with dignity and respect. The President should be in attendance of all Phi Alpha meetings (monthly and additional meetings when necessary) or seek stand in support from the Vice President. *Must be at UPC*

Vice President (1 Position)

The Vice President of Phi Alpha works as the partner to the President. Any presidential obligations should be familiar with the Vice President, as she/he may need to act in the presidential role at any given time if the President is unable to be present. The Vice President is responsible for assisting the establishment and monitoring of created committees, as well as supporting fellow executive board members in their duties and tasks. Aside from this, the Vice President will act as a liaison across satellite campuses and other caucuses in the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. The Vice President oversees and modifies the Fall and Spring membership scholarship applications. Lastly, the Vice President is responsible for planning and creating a committee for the end of the year banquet. The Vice President should be in attendance of all Phi Alpha E-Board monthly meetings or seek stand in support from the President. *Must be at UPC*

Secretary (1 Position)

The Secretary works closely with President and Vice President. The Secretary creates meeting agendas, takes notes during each general and board meeting for the chapter, creates and manages the calendar of events, and sends email updates and/or google invites to board members at least one week prior to the event. The Secretary is in charge of emailing the Student Org Secretary a list of Phi Alpha events for the upcoming month to be advertised in the Student Org Newsletter. He/she is responsible for acquiring and delivering membership mementos, such as new membership items and graduation cords. He/she is further in charge of reserving tables for tabling, rooms and requesting audio assistance for meetings and events. The secretary is further responsible for aiding the President in any necessary needs. This position requires excellent communication and time management skills. The Secretary should be in attendance at all Phi Alpha E-Board monthly meetings or seek stand in support from the President/Vice President. *Must be at UPC*

Treasurer (1 Position)

This position offers a rewarding opportunity to strengthen financial management skills within an organization. The Phi Alpha Treasurer should have strong organizational and customer service skills to successfully complete day to day responsibilities. The Phi Alpha Treasurer is responsible for collaborating with the Phi Alpha team in order to oversee membership dues, respond to inquiries in a timely manner, create comprehensive budgets to meet annual goals, distribute reimbursements, communicate day to day financial management with the Phi Alpha Executive Board, and participate in caucus/university meetings. Above all else the Phi Alpha Treasurer is responsible for utilizing a high level of fiscal judgment to manage and protect the funds of the Phi Alpha student body. *Must be at UPC*

Research Liaison (1 Position)

The Research Liaison is responsible for coordinating one research opportunities information session and one research symposium per academic year. This includes preparing a budget for the events, organizing resources, and promoting the event. This individual should also coordinate one to two brown bags (depending on time) concerning research topics. These brown bag events can also be in collaboration with other caucuses. Other responsibilities also include assisting the Vice President as a member of the scholarship committee. He/She should attend board/general meetings and student org meetings. Moreover, the research liaison should assist board members in promoting Phi Alpha Honor Society.

Fundraising Chair (1 Position)

The Fundraising Chair is responsible for organizing a minimum of two events per semester (food fundraiser, tailgate collaboration with other caucuses) or an ongoing merchandise sale (t-shirt sale, bag sale, etc.). Each event on campus requires effective communication with student org to request permission, space, tables, and chairs. Within each event it is important that the Fundraising Chair plan accordingly and develop a proposed budget to submit to the board for approval and a detailed plan for executing sales. The Chair may create a fundraising committee, work with other board members, or other campus Phi Alpha chapters for the events and sales. Fundraising Chair will work closely with Treasurer for sales events and enlist the assistance of VAC and satellite campus reps in selling merchandise for VAC and satellite members. Fundraising Chair also has the opportunity to continue the ongoing Phi Alpha T-shirt and sweater shirts sales for members and students in the MSW program. This will require collaboration with approved vendors outside of campus. The Chair will complete merchandise purchases, set dates for fundraising events, marketing for events or sales, working events, organizing members' orders of merchandise, ongoing communication through email with members and supporting the Treasurer through the process of payment. Fundraising chair is also responsible for the sale of graduation cords to graduating members at the end of the school year. There is a great amount of flexibility and creativity allowed for this position. This position requires great communication and organization skills for executing great events that will benefit the board and all members.

Philanthropy Chair (1 Position)

The Philanthropy Chair organizes a minimum of four philanthropy events per academic semester for Phi Alpha members. Coordinating these events takes some planning and requires effective communication with the volunteer coordinators from the organizations you choose to collaborate with. Generally, events should last approximately three to four hours. In addition to coordinating philanthropy events, you will have to approve and keep track of members’ completed hours. Communicating with the Treasurer and Membership Chair will ensure members have fulfilled the necessary requirements. This position does require a large time commitment as well as good organization skills. Expect to receive many emails and follow-up requests from Phi Alpha members throughout the academic year. It is highly encouraged to arrange and announce the philanthropy events via email and/or the Phi Alpha website at the beginning of each semester to ensure members have up-to-date information. The philanthropy chair is also expected to attend executive board meetings and send out periodic reminder emails to members regarding the philanthropy requirement and deadlines. This is a very rewarding position and holds tremendous opportunities to positively impact the L.A. community while upholding the values of Phi Alpha. *Must be at UPC*

Membership and Recruitment Co-Chair (Membership Emphasis, 1 Position)

The Membership and Recruitment Co-Chair (Membership Emphasis) responsibilities include maintaining the member roster, submission of the roster to nationals (new members only), organizing and running bi- monthly general meetings, recruitment events (i.e. mixers, happy hours, and networking events) and managing the selection of “Faculty Member of the Year” (presented at the Honors Banquet. The Membership and Recruitment Co-Chair will also support the rest of the Board in any needed areas. This role requires a large time commitment, exceptional written and verbal communication skills, and excellent time management skills. Correspondence with prospective, current, and alumni members is ongoing and involves informing members of updates and answering general membership inquiries. The Membership Chair maintains responsibility for the member roster via the Phi Alpha website while keeping the board updated on membership count. *Must be at UPC*

Membership and Recruitment Co-Chair (Recruitment Emphasis, 1 Position)

The Membership and Recruitment Co-Chair (Recruitment Emphasis) is tasked with outreaching to the social work student body to recruit new members. The Membership and Recruitment Co-Chair is responsible for managing and executing the new member application process for both Fall and Spring semesters and the election process in the Spring. The Membership and Recruitment Co-Chair is also expected to maintain memberships through the Phi Alpha website while communicating with the Philanthropy Chair and the President regarding membership activations, re- activations, and de-activations. The Membership and Recruitment Co-Chair will also support the rest of the Board in any needed areas. This role requires a large time commitment, exceptional written and verbal communication skills, and excellent time management skills. Correspondence with prospective, current, and alumni members is ongoing and involves informing members of updates and answering general membership inquiries. *Must be at UPC*

Communications Chair (1 Position)

The Communications Chair will work closely with the Secretary and Membership & Recruitment Chair, and serve in the role of supporting the rest of the board. The task of this role is to streamline communication efforts for current members and improve marketing efforts to current members for all Phi Alpha events and information. This involves informing members of updates and answering inquiries via email. Marketing will primarily be through social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Phi Alpha website, monthly student org newsletters) and email. The Communications Chair is in charge of organizing one social event per semester for Phi Alpha members and may use money from the treasury if needed for his/her event. The Communication Chair is in charge of creating a semester Phi Alpha Newsletter for Phi Alpha members- submission dates will be based on agreement between student org and Phi Alpha. This role also requires a large time commitment as well as strong written and organization skills to maintain membership processes and marketing efforts. *Can be UPC or VAC*

Virtual Academic Center (VAC) Representatives (5 Positions – Southwest, Northwest, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast)

The VAC Representative(s) shall work collaboratively to responsibly liaise with both the Phi Alpha Executive Board and all current Phi Alpha members who are part of the Virtual Academic Center (VAC) student population. The terms of these positions will last for the entire fiscal year, regardless of the incumbents' graduation status. The VAC Representative(s) must attend all Executive Board meetings (either in-person if location allows or virtually) and will be responsible for leading general meetings on the VAC for online members. The VAC Representative(s) must work collaboratively with all Executive Board members and faculty advisors to meet the collective goals of the Board and the Phi Alpha organization, in general. The VAC Representative(s) will also be responsible for initiating regular communications with VAC members via email, social media, the VAC platform, and by telephone (if necessary) concerning various Phi Alpha topics. VAC Representative(s) will act as advocates and liaisons for VAC members and will increase overall awareness of Phi Alpha to the VAC population. Lastly, they will be responsible for maintaining effective communication with the Membership and Recruitment Chair to discuss VAC members. *Must be on VAC (Please specify your region)*

Applications close on April 13th, 2020 at 11:59 P.M.