• All applicants must be active members of the Omicron Epsilon Chapter of Phi Alpha at USC.
  • Applications must be fully filled out and completed. Incomplete applications will not be considered for reward.
  • One (1) scholarship application and 1 personal statement
    • Please attach together 
    • See personal statement prompt for specific criteria.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
    • One (1) from a professor and one (1) from a professional rela-
    • Each letter should show a genuine support of your efforts and commitments listed in your personal statement.
  • Applications are due March 15, 2021 at 11:59pm.



  • 3 pages maximum.
  • 12 point font
  • 1 inch margin
  • Double-spaced


Please select one of the following Values/Focuses of your Personal Statement:


Students who choose this option should demonstrate dedication to research. These students should appreciate the science of social work and value the implications for practice across settings and systems. Article publications and abstracts will also be considered. Please submit a conference abstract that has been accepted to present (include the confirmation of the acceptance) or participation with any research project with faculty and/or in field placement (provide a brief summary, Statement of Problem, Literature Review, Methodology, Results and Application to Social Work Practice).


Students who choose this option should demonstrate dedication and exemplary leadership in human welfare. Involvement can be from the past, present, or plans made for the future. These students should relate how their commitment to philanthropy connects with core social work values, such as social justice and advocacy. Commitment to philanthropy should be outside of field placement. * Field placement must not be the only commitment to philanthropy, if this focus is chosen.

Professional Development

Students who choose this option should demonstrate great efforts to strive towards professionalism by obtaining or enforcing useful skills in the field. These students should also demonstrate an active effort toward career development outside of classes. * Efforts and demonstrations of professional development must be outside of field placement.


Phi Alpha Honor Society upholds the three values of Research, Humanitarianism and Professional Development to the field of social work. Members of the Omicron, Epsilon Chapter have showcased a commitment to carrying these values in and out of their current field placements. Discuss your most meaningful achievements and how you demonstrated one of the three values you have chosen to focus on, in the field of social work. Mention what inspires you to carry on with your focus, in the field. Lastly, describe how or in what ways do you plan to integrate your focus in the future.


Letters of Recommendation