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Phi Alpha Membership Information & Benefits

Membership Benefits 

Phi Alpha is a national honor society for social work students. Within the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work, the Omicron Epsilon chapter seeks to promote academic excellence. Below are some of the benefits available to our members at the national and chapter level.  

  • National and Chapter scholarship opportunities.
  • Networking amongst like-minded people and other social workers
  • The ability to present research at our Annual Research Symposium event
  • Being part of an elite and active group of students on-campus and online
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Entry to Phi Alpha events hosted by the USC chapter, Omicron Epsilon

Phi Alpha Graduate

Requirements to join for New Members

  • A minimum of 12 credit hours of completed graduate-level Social Work coursework
  • 3.75 cumulative GPA (verified via STARS report uploaded). This report can be found on myUSC
  • A one-page letter of recommendation from a faculty member or field instructor

Please note once you are confirmed as a member of Phi Alpha you must do the following 

  • Pay new member fees of $65 dollars 
    • Please do not pay for dues until you have been confirmed. Per our by-laws, we do not issue refunds. 
  • Complete 4 hours of community service. 
    • Please see our volunteer hours section below


Maintaining Active Status

There are three continuous requirements until graduation:

  • STARS report with proof of minimum 3.75 GPA
  • Four hours of documented philanthropy/community services (although the more the merrier)
  • Pay renewal membership fees of $45
    • DO NOT pay membership dues until you have officially received a confirmed membership notification. Per our by-laws, we do not issue refunds for membership dues.


More details:

  • Submit STARS report, on time, every Fall & Spring semester. STARS report serves as a member’s documentation of Phi Alpha’s minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 3.75.
  • Complete and submit documentation on time, every Fall & Spring semester, of 4 hours of philanthropy/community services.
  • Pay $45 continuing membership dues, every Fall and Spring semester until graduation. Please note that we will not issue refunds if membership requirements aren't met.

Volunteer Hours

Members of Phi Alpha Omicron Epsilon Chapter are required to complete at least four philanthropy hours per semester. Community services may be completed by participating in Phi Alpha sponsored philanthropy events or with an organization of your choice. Please contact Phi Alpha if you are unsure about whether your organization or event choice will be approved for philanthropy hours.

  • Internship or employment activities will not count as approved philanthropy hours.
  • Conference tabling, volunteering, or participation will not count as approved philanthropy hours. 
  • Hours completed through Phi Alpha sponsored events require checking in with a Phi Alpha board member during the event. Members who attend a Phi Alpha sponsored philanthropy event are NOT required to submit a Philanthropy Hours Approval Form.
  • Hours completed at an organization of your choice must be documented using  the philanthropy form available here
  • Please see our FAQ page for more philanthropy information. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Go to Volunteer Match , La Works , and All For Good
  • Go to the websites of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Heal the Bay, Midnight Mission, and Foothill Unity Center for other listed volunteer events.
  • Monthly OC Burrito Project: volunteer opportunity in Orange County.